Why Buy A Franchise with
Tutor In A Box?

Also called “self-employment with support”, franchising is the best way to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

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Set up a business within the framework of an award-winning established organisation.

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Use a recognised brand name and trademarks with a built in customer base.

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Joining us means joining a family! You get support from our amazing team and founder.

Join a trusted, established brand with the freedom to plan your own day.

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Through the Whole Journey

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Sent to You

Tutor in a Box Franchise Leamingon Spa


and Recognised Brand

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Logos and More

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Join an Established Business

Lower risk - we work together

We found running a tutoring business is very different to being a great teacher!

We know how a tutoring business works and we’ll help you make yours work, too.

One of the reasons franchise owners face a much lower risk than independent business owners is because of the franchise network.

We’ve tested and proven the business model of the franchise in multiple markets and know it works. We know there are people out there who need our help and our franchise is a perfect way to help them!

Business assistance

One of the biggest benefits of franchising is ongoing support and assistance from Sophie

You will be given access to her on a weekly basis for an hour at a time for the first year. After that you’ll have monthly calls with her. 

Alongside this, you’ll also get 2 hours a month, with an independent franchise expert. 

You’ll receive a turnkey business operation. You will be provided with the brand, the equipment, supplies, and the advertising plan—essentially everything you need to operate the business.

Why take the risk, the time and the expense of creating your own tutoring brand when we’ve done it all for you? 

Brand recognition - we're bright yellow!

A big benefit that franchisees receive when opening a franchise is brand recognition. We’ve worked hard to produce a highly distinctive, highly attractive brand which is recognised across the UK. If you start a business from scratch, you would have to create a logo, a brand and your customer base from the ground up, which would take time.
Franchises, on the other hand, are already well-known businesses with established customer bases built in. So when you open a franchise with this recognizable branding, people will automatically know what your business is, what you provide, and what they can expect.

Get a built in customer base and be your own boss!

We've already got customers

One of the biggest struggles of any new business is finding customers. Franchises, on the
other hand, come with instant brand recognition and a loyal customer base. Even if you’re
opening the first branch of a franchise in a small town, new customers are usually already familiar with the brand!

Focus on teaching, not marketing

We give you clients (regularly!) We know you may not want to
do all the marketing, all the advertising and want to focus on teaching, so we allow you to do just that. You have the option for us to manage all the advertising centrally so you don’t have
to do any of that!

Be your own boss with support

One of the biggest benefits of owning a business is being your own boss. When starting a franchise business, you get to run your own business how you want to, in a way that suits you, with the added benefit of receiving support from the franchise’s knowledge base. It really is the best of both worlds!