Your Investment with
Tutor In A Box

Earning potential is a big part of buying a Franchise with Tutor In A Box! We'll run you through what you can charge, what you can earn and what you'll invest to join the team.

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Set up both 1:1 and group tuition groups to start earning a great salary, fast. 

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Payments come direct to you, with students giving one month notice to cancel so you'll always have a good idea about numbers.

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What you earn depends on the number of students you work with. The sky is your limit! 

Join a trusted, established brand with the freedom to plan your own day.

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Through the Whole Journey

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and Recognised Brand

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Join an Established Business

What's the investment?

A franchise is an investment – and there’s no denying it’s a big one!

You’re investing into your future both with time and money, and it’s important it’s the right one.

There are two fees involved with our franchise – there’s an initial, one-off upfront payment and then an ongoing monthly fee.

We have purposefully made it affordable, and when we say that, we mean it. The initial one-off charge is £2,500 and that’s an upfront charge to set you up. It includes your initial training days, your key marketing materials and of course a wonderful yellow t-shirt! After that, the ongoing fee is a percentage of your earnings.

How much can I earn?

Payments from students come direct to you, with one month notice required by any student to cancel. This means you have a good idea from one month to next about numbers. 

We understand that depending on different parts of the country, there will be different operating costs. We also recognise some franchise owners will be more experienced than others, therefore we have a range of prices that franchise owners can charge. It all depends on the number of students you work with and the number of staff you employ. The sky is your limit!


• If you had 20 students, each receiving individual tuition per week, with each lesson costing £50 per hour, you could earn £4,000 per month.

• If you had 60 students, each receiving an hour of tuition (with a tutor or two teaching too), you could earn £12,000 a month.

Do I need a physical premises?


We don’t require you to have a dedicate property to operate from. We understand that this can be an unnecessary cost (and headache)! You can take
out a franchise and work in students homes, your own house or even online.

We have purposely made our franchise very affordable. The main costs for running a franchise involve royalty fees and staff / wages for any other people you employ. You can even split your up front fee into two separate instalments.

We’ll provide you with full details of potential earnings, including suggested costs per hour in addition to an anticipated number of students. Our financial projection will also allow you to obtain funding. So, if you’re thinking about using a government backed ‘Start Up Loan’, we’ll provide you with the info you need to get this.
Simply fill out the form on the contact page to get started.

More profit to take home

This means you take more home! According to research, franchises see higher profits than independently established businesses.

Most franchises have recognizable brands that bring customers in droves and this popularity results in higher profits. We will also suggest appropriate pricing and have modelled all of this already so you know what you’re in for – in contrast to if you were doing it by yourself where independents tend to charge the wrong amount when they first start.